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Canine Massage

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Equine  Massage

Canine and Equine Massage combines a knowledge of anatomy, observation of an animal’s movement and demeanor, health history and experience with various massage techniques to achieve relaxation, greater flexibility, or relief from pain. It involves a gentle and rhythmic motion targeting specific muscles based on the healing needs of the canine or equine. The mix of motion is designed to encourage relaxation and enhance healing, providing an overall increased well being of the animal.

Massage helps an equine or canine in relieving stress and sore muscles. It increases circulation and removes toxins, (especially after surgery). It also brings fresh oxygen, nutrients and energy to muscles that are barely used or unused. It helps loosen muscles before and after competitions and it helps build trust with behavior or past history issues of abuse or aggression.

Is it Petting or is it Massage?

Petting and massage are not synonymous. Massage is an alternate form of stimulation for the muscles. Each stroke is a very specific technique that employs various pressures to achieve results.

The practitioner’s hands become the “detective” through which they sense areas of tightness, inflammation and restricted movement. Designing an appropriate massage routine requires a therapist to note both positive and negative reactions as well as any physical changes that occur during therapy.

Canine and equine massage is a recognized and respected alternative health therapy and could be considered as essential as grooming, feeding and exercising.

Some of the reasons that companions seek professional massage therapy for their pets are:

• Pain relief for disease and disorders
• Improper and debilitating gate
• Difficulty with trauma, stress or anxiety
• Healing after surgical procedures
• Challenges with muscle tension and spasms


Healing Touch for Animals-(HTA) is an energy field therapy that supports he body to self-heal. Utilizing light touch or near body touch to clear, balance and stabilize the animal’s emerge system to promote healing. HTA assists with overall well-being, health issues, healing from accidents and injuries, pain control, trauma, disease prevention, trauma, behavioral issues and modification, anxiety and stress reduction, separation issues, grief, training focus, competition performance, competition performance easing the dying process, and support during euthanasia.

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Pet The Bunny
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